Something for the modern ages. 

    1. Ultra Comfortable Handle:
- The outside handle is made from solid polycarbonate and the inside is soft TPU ,which brings super hand feeling even for long time holding

    2. LED Lighting System For Night Walking:
- With LED Lighting System
The illumination distance is 3m , make the night's sight no longer have a blind spot.

    3. Strong Buckle System For Dogs Safety:
- Using strengthened metal to build the buckle system, which will not only ensure your dogs' safety but also allow you to change the leash with one simple press.

    4. With Elastic Rope:
- Double-layer elastic rubber and polypropylene blending can withstand up to 50kg of static tension, and the elastic buffer belt can effectively protect the dog's cervical vertebra and your wrist.
- The traction rope is flat , so it will not curl when it is stretched.
- The length of the rope is 2.6m, so that the pet can enjoy the free activities, and let you control freely in an emergency.

Package Included:
 1x Traction Rope Body
 1x Elastic Rope (2.6m, adjustable)
 1x USB Charging Cable

UFO-Style Retractable and Led Lit Dog Leash - Traction Rope