If you became something like the most of us during the past year, you must have ordered your products online. If so, the postman was a regular around your front door. Pets can react to doorbells or knocking differently, some wehemently barking trying to save the house from the intruder - scaring poor postman to death or some gets excited to play with the visitor and run out at the slightest opening of the door. 

Also in recent months the type of pet steals increased where a charity collector or a person asking for something taking advantage of your good will and while you turn away they lure the pet out to the street and quickly drive away with it. It is the biggest heartache seeing your mate taken away. 

Protect them with this clever rectractable safety door. Attach one side next to your door and clip the other end to the door just before opening it. This way your furry friend stays inside while you have two hand to sign those postage documents or take the package from the postman's hand. You can also use it all around your home in areas you want to seal off from paw prints ;) 

Material: Composite
Gender: Unisex
Model Number: Retractable 
Opening Pattern: Vertical
Pattern Type: Solid
Size: Product height 89cm and fabric height 79.5cm, stretched 130cm.

Packing box: 95.5 x 10.5 x 9.5cm
Material: mesh + stainless steel
Product height: 89cm
Fabric height: 79.5cm
Stretched: 130cm
Weight: about 1800g
Packing box: about 95.5*10.5*9.5cm
Features 01: Easy to install
Features 02: Lightweight and durable mesh
Application: Baby and pet

Retractable Pet Safety Door Barrier