This poopa scoopa  from PETKIT is definitely something that will make your dog walk more "presentable" Picking up after your dog is something that we all do every day and it is not the nicest part of doggo ownership, but with this modern loking scoop it is somehow not as big of a drama anymore. At almost 50cm in total lenght - far enough if you deal with smell problems. Have a practical bag holder at the handle which can be used to wrap around the scoop. By releasing the inner handle the scoop automatically pics up the poop from any surface, closing it in the bag - so you don't have to touch with your hands. By reversing the stool bag - just drop it in the rubbish bin. Easy as... ;)

Made from durable plastic it can be easily washed under running water and left to dry. 

Brand Name: PETKIT

PETKIT Modern Hands-Free Dog Poop Scooper