Multifunctional beautifully hand crafted with 100% soft cotton, this  Rope Lead is exquisitely handmade and hand dyed with an engravable solid brass tag, and feature a beautiful ombré gradient.

Our aim was to design a leash that would withstand even the roughest of play. The rope leads are therefore hand spliced, with the ends "whipped" for added strength and durability. This type of rope is traditionally used as a marine/nautical rope, and designed to withstand extreme kilograms of pull without fraying.
Our whipping knots are made with 100% natural and durable hemp cord, which will also extend the life of your rope leashes.

We also made sure the hand dying process was used with 100% natural dye and are Eco Friendly.

Our 100% Cotton cordage is soft, making it very pleasant to handle, and only gets softer with time.


No need to add collar, this is a multifunctional rope leash, easy to put on and off from your fur baby. 


Brand Name: PET ARTIST
Feature: Durable, multifunctional
Color: Blue/Pink/Orange
Leash Length: 6ft

Multifunctional cotton Dog Leash in ombre