Select the fresh milk and grains,vegetables,adopt the advanced technology ,dry at low temperature,and no antiseptic,pigmentum and attractant, so you can be rest assured of feeding


This snack are made from fresh wheat flour, milk , vegetables ,edible oil , eggs , starch, fish liver oil ,etc., it contains much rich nutritional elements such as calcium , phosphor ,vitamins,proteins which can meet the needs of dog's body growth, also good palatability which make the dogs are willing to spend more time to chew.



Recommended Feeding Daily:


Canine Type / Weight           


Puppies (1-5kgs)                                          5-15g/day

Small Dogs (5-10kgs)                                   15-30g/day

Medium Dogs (10-25kgs)                              30-40g/day

Large Dogs( above 25kgs)                           40-80g/day


Brand Name: hakemise
Volume: 100g
Applicable Dog Breed: Universal
Item Name: Dog snacks - Calcium milk steamed bread
Flavor : milk
shelf Life : above 6 months

Calcium Milk Biscuits Dog Treat