Have you heard about the Lady Gaga dognapping recently? It is a shocker! Not just because for some people's pets are like family and important companions for their health but becasue for certain popular types you have to dig deep into your pocket to purchase them. 

These dog nappings happen by daylight - usually during the walk with the dog and happens fast. Perpetrators jump out from bushes or a car and they quickly cut the lead from your hand, grab the dog and run.

People all over the world buying extra protection to feel safe around their furry friends. These Kensington lock-style ropes are made of stainless steel and are very hard to cut by easy means. Even if it is attempted, it takes so much time, that it is not worth to take the risks for them and their flee. 

Protect your friend - get a steel dog leash today!


Brand Name: LLhlideal
Type: Leashes
Dog Leash Type: Basic Leashes
Season: All seasons
Pattern: Solid
Feature: Anti-bite - Anti - theft

Anti-Dognapping Kensington Style Stainless Steel Dog Leash